Launch a map with driving directions directly from your digital business card.

Digital business cards are a great way to actively promote your brand. 

If you don’t have a digital business card yet, it’s not too late to start promoting your brand directly to user’s mobile devices.  You’ll be able to communicate with installed cards 24/7, sending updates for new announcements and enabling a direct link to your users!

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What does a digital business card look like?

Here’s the front of a digital business card that was created in less than 5 minutes.   It contains a logo image, our business name (Domino Research), a short tag line (Analyze. Strategize. Monetize.), and two more ‘info’ lines – one of which directs the user to press the “i” button (iPhone users, Google Wallet cards look a bit different) to get more information.

Front of Digital Business Card


What does a digital business card do?

With iPhone users, the digital business card back turns into an interactive experience that enables you to directly communicate your message via the active links on the card.

For instance, you can:

  • enable direct dialing from the card by including a phone number
  • launch Maps (with driving directions) from a link to your address
  • push users to your website, social media pages or other online links by inserting a URL into the field

Digital Business Card Back View


How does a digital business card work?

It’s very simple and takes minutes to create and deploy – using the simple admin tools, you can import your graphics from your Facebook or Twitter page (or you can provide your own graphics), select the colors you want for background and text, and then input your message into the fields.   You then choose to distribute or update the card and all of your installed cards on all devices are updated within moments.

Digital Business Card Admin Screen

What could you do with a digital business card?

Frankly, there are a ton of uses for digital business cards –

  • Coaches, instructors, mastermind group leaders, other group leaders – digital business cards are an easy and effective way to stay in contact with group members.  Send them updates when new classes/articles/etc are posted on your page and they’ll have immediate access from their phone.
  • Trade shows/conferences – create a card for a specific group of people you are meeting with or presenting to, like a workshop or keynote, and you can send out a digital reminder before your presentation starts.  You can also include live links to slides, URLs, or other materials they might want to have handy before you get started.
  • Business consultants – if you work with more than one team or group within a specific organization, you can create multiple cards and distribute them only to the team members that are involved in that particular part of the project.  Create one for the tech department, one for marketing, and a third for management.  When you update the teams, each segment only gets the information they need – no more email chains and long replies when people hit the Reply All button.
  • General information – as you can see from the example above, this is a digital ‘calling card’  – it takes the place of traditional paper cards (saving some trees!), while enabling us to offer direct updates to users devices.   If we publish a great new blog article (err, ahem!), we can push the notification out to the phones with a quick card update – our readership can catch the latest update while they’re riding the train to work or sitting at the airport waiting on their flight!

Digital business cards are a great way to keep in constant contact with group or team members, prospects, and any other set of people that could be better served by engaging with them regularly and having the ability to update them on new materials directly to their mobile phone.

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