Apple Watch with Apple Passbook
Apple Watch with Apple Passbook

Mobile Wallet Technology Leads to New Opportunities

Widespread release of mobile wallet technology such as Google Wallet and Apple Passbook, coupled with iBeacons, geofencing, and and quick launch abilities inherent in smart devices, makes targeting and marketing to your customer base easier than ever! Update your campaigns and offers when you like, when you want, when you feel its the best time to make your customer base respond to your changes.


Custom App Functionality Made Affordable

Location based marketing and hyper targeting are the next wave in effectively reaching consumers.

  • Maximize ROI and customer interaction
  • Integrate easily with your current marketing program
  • Create new standalone campaigns to test frequency and offers

This technology really shines with iPhone, Apple Passbook, Apple Watch and iBeacon, enabling you to extend your reach almost infinitely.  Targeted POS materials coupled with QR code additions to your current print and screen ads will allow you to squeeze every penny out of your marketing and advertising budget while leveraging our technology investment and the commitment to consumer engagement that Apple and Google have made. 

Don’t even think about developing, maintaining, or marketing your own app.  

Unless you are a large company with a well established user base (Starbucks, MLB, Sephora, Macy’s), you’ll spend more time and more money becoming more and more frustrated that you cannot even break even on the development costs of such an app.


mobile wallet

Mobile Wallets

A mobile wallet is simply a convenient replacement for the physical wallet being carried by consumers today.  It transfers the storage of things like boarding passes, coupons, calendar notifications, and the like to the consumers smart phone or device.   Many consumers forget to bring their purse, wallet, membership card, etc with them, but very few leave home without their iPhone or Android device.

Mobile Passes

Passes are electronic versions of cards and documents that consumers carry in a physical wallet.  This eliminates the need for consumers to remember to bring their coupons, gift cards, loyalty program cards or other items that can be represented digitally.   Passes can be customized with logos and graphics as allowed by Apple, Google or other wallet makers.  They use mobile wallet technology to function properly.

Small Business Benefits

By offering customers a simple, easy to use system that directly installs offers from online ads, Google Adwords, social media posts, and email or SMS, merchants can save time with a consolidated admin, track customer preferences for better ROI and offer customers the chance to feel that they are truly connected to and valued by the merchant.

How Will This Help My Business?

Tell Me More About How MobileSavings Works

Q. Do I need a lot of expensive graphics?

No.  The basic pass uses only two graphics – a square logo image and a rectangular banner image.  We encourage merchants to use our Merchant Graphics library to source images that are perfectly sized for both the pass and the Merchant Landing Page announcements.

Q. Do I need a special machine for accepting passes?

No.  Nearly any web enabled device will work; if you do not have a barcode/QR scanner available you may opt to select Redeem Without Barcode and manually redeem the coupons in the store at the time of use.  Loyalty points cannot be added in this manner.

Q. How long does it take to create an offer?

Literally minutes!  You can create and broadcast offers to your customer base in near real time.  For instance, if you are a retailer who sells umbrellas, you can create a sale on those umbrellas when the rain starts and notify your users immediately.

Q. How many offers can I create?

As many as you like.  Our three tiered monthly plan enables merchants to truly pay as you go.  When the number of passes you have installed grows to the next tier, we’ll notify you and upgrade your plan.  If you find that you’re not using as many passes as you expected, downgrade your plan at any time.

Q. How can I see whether or not people are signing up?

With our simple to read, variable display stats program, you can check as often as you like for updates as well as having the ability to download your data for inclusion in a spreadsheet or other analytics program.

Q. How often can I broadcast?

Every day if you like.  You can repeat the same offer on a recurring basis, or you can design new offers and broadcast them as you like.  We recommend that you start slowly with notifications, especially for customers who have been transitioned from a traditional plastic card environment.  With MobileSavings, you are always in the user’s phone when they’ve opted to receive your offers; there’s no need to overdo it and make them uncomfortable.

Q. How does the set up happen?

Your rep will walk you through the issuing and redemption process as soon as you’ve been entered into the system.  On a normal business day you will be completely up and running before your rep leaves the premises.  The Pass Manager Admin requires activation from our office; the Merchant Landing Page admin is active immediately upon completing your signup.

Q. How do I develop my user base?

You can integrate your existing loyalty program database in via data transfer.  Your account rep will supply you with customizable POS print creatives, and teach you to use the QR/barcode generator in our admin system, enabling you to create new codes for each campaign you broadcast.