Increase traffic and sales and drive consumer engagement using mobile location advertising tools!  

This new technology – a combination of wallet products, mobile geofencing and indoor locator beacons like the iBeacon – is PERFECT for small business owners who want to compete with their big box and chain store cousins on a level playing field.

Companies like Sephora, Century 21, Starbucks, Macy’s and Pep Boys have demonstrated phenomenal results using iBeacons, Passbook, and Google Wallet.  Increased consumer engagement, double digit increases in sales overall and excellent customer satisfaction.   And the Apple Watch only recently started shipping to consumers, with more than 2 million pre-orders.

Implementing beacon and wallet technology now insures Main Street businesses a level playing field and a chance to compete with well-funded operations in the early stage of consumer adoption — that means no more playing catch-up because it’s too expensive to create, support and distribute mobile apps and web installations. Our unique, pay-as-you-go model requires no long term commitment or upfront investment, and offers immediate rewards.  Signup is simple and merchants can create and deploy their first offer in under an hour.

Hillshire Farms recently introduced their new American Craft product line  in top markets across the country.   Here’s what they found:

Increased Interaction with Advertised Products

The company experienced a 19x increase interactions with advertised products in its partner apps since rolling out iBeacon notifications…

Purchase Intent Increase

The goal for Hillshire was to drive sales of its American Craft Link Sausages product and, according to the numbers, it worked. Specifically, Hillshire Brands witnessed a 20x increase in purchase intent…


Increase in Brand Awareness

The report notes that American Craft also witnessed a “36% increase in brand awareness and a lift in overall sales” through the iBeacon campaign that lasted from April to June this year in 10 U.S. markets…

The First 24 Hours

The campaign experienced approximately 6,000 in-store engagements in its first 48 hours alone. The success of the campaign has encouraged Hillshire to extend its iBeacon campaigns to its Jimmy Dean brand of products this fall.

We started experimenting with location-based technologies and increased focus on mobile a year ago, recognizing that location is key to engaging with our consumers”

David Ervin

Director of Integrated Marketing , Hillshire Farms

How Does This Technology Work?

Apple Passbook and Google Wallet are designed to manage multiple passes and offers from many sources.   Passes are categorized by type and the smart device communicates with Apple or Google when a pass is issued or redeemed.

When using Passbook or Wallet, consumers have no need to install additional apps to receive offers – so our partners can spend their time and energy crafting customized offers for end users that include contextual and location elements – instead of programming and supporting an app.    Using the simple interface, each merchant has a personalized Announcements page (for new offers, images and other media), coupled with an offer creation interface where they design and publish campaigns or offers for participating device users.

Geo-fencing (using the phones built in location firmware) and indoor locator beacons (known commonly as iBeacons, a term trademarked by Apple) enable stores to ‘sense’ when customers are in range and send location sensitive messages unobtrusively to the device lock screen.   Push notifications via the administrative interface also means that account admins can re-issue expired promos, make changes to existing offers and otherwise continue to communicate with users who have their passes installed.

What Do Consumers Think of This Technology?

Participation is ENTIRELY opt-in by the consumer, and they can decide to opt-out any time.  This means that end users want to receive messages from their favorite stores and brands, and to be actively offered specials or manage their participation via their wallet.  Apple’s Passbook is installed on nearly all iPhones in use today.  Users can decide to actively use ONLY the offers, bypassing the locator beacon notifications if they choose.   The data above is pulled from July 2014 report data regarding a nationwide campaign that Hillshire Farms brand ran from April-June of 2014.  It demonstrates that consumers will interact with the technology to make purchases or use the wallets and beacons so that merchants can increase sales and interaction with their core consumer base, and engage new consumers who are intrigued by the technology itself.

Real World Usage

Companies like SephoraStarbucks and Major League Baseball have had resounding success using Passbook, iBeacons, and Google Wallet, to increase their consumer engagement and customer satisfaction rates.

Implementations include:

  • Managing loyalty customers
  • In-event notifications and merchandising
  • Payment processing in store
  • Paperless event tickets

600,000+ USA loyalty customers use Passbook

Users purchase twice as much and twice as frequently as typical customers

“Passbook has been a pretty interesting success for us” – Johnna Marcus, Director, Mobile and Digital Store Marketing

16% of in-store revenue, Q2, 2014

6 million weekly transactions

12 million monthly active users

“A prime example of this is our forthcoming mobile order and pay initiative to order ahead” – Howard Schultz, CEO

How Does This Work in My Business?

It literally takes minutes to sign up and start creating campaigns!  Sign up for an account – it takes about ten minutes to complete the account set up and five minutes to create and deploy your first offer.  Create a template and drop in some graphics (use our extensive library if you’re short on time or design skills, it’s included!) and you are ready to go.   Our user interface is designed with the busy business owner in mind, and we understand how critical time can be when managing your business.  

What Kind of Costs Are Involved?

There is no commitment and other than a small setup charge, no fees outside of your monthly service and any beacons you wish to purchase.  Unless you’ve got a lot of floor space, a single beacon is probably enough to start with if you have a physical location.  Multiple campaigns can utilize a single beacon; multiple beacons can be used in a single campaign.  Cancel any time you like, the service is pay-as-you-go with no commitment.  

How Do I Promote This?

Beacons and wallets aren’t designed to replace your current advertising; rather, they are designed to add an additional distribution channel to engage customers and give you the ability to interact with them 24/7.  Consumer engagement is designed to be fun for everyone!

We suggest that you:

  • add your QR codes or Announcements Page URL to existing print advertising
  • display POS collateral prominently throughout your location (especially near the cash register)
  • encourage your sales team to talk to customers about the platform

Our Account Tools section offers graphics, reports and other merchandising materials that you can use to help promote your campaigns.  As always, we are here to help!  Don’t hesitate to contact us directly – our office phone is 925 400 8077 during business hours and helpdesk @ is always an option.