Combine iBeacons, Mobile Wallet Marketing and Apple Passbook

Integrate your mobile advertising and offers into a single management platform.  Our easy-to-use system enables you to create or change offers on the fly, with no loss of traffic, from your embedded QR codes and URLs in POP, social and other print media.

Target Your Customers. Send Contextual Messages in Real Time to Smartphones.

Geo-fencing and iBeacon notifications enable constant contact with customers 24/7.

Communicate directly with customers when they are right outside your location…  or your competitors.   Use geofencing or iBeacons to message their smartphones at a designated location. 

Reach Customers on Time or By Location.

Connect Through Space or Time. Engage Customers When They Have Smartphones in Hand.

Engage with customers on specific days or at specific times. Reach them when they are next door to you. Or next door to your competition.  Use iBeacons for customer notification in-store.  Geofencing allows location based notifications to be sent when customer is at any location.

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Simplify Your Time Management.

It takes less than 5 minutes to create and distribute a new campaign.  

And about 2 minutes to update an existing campaign AND notify everyone of the update.  Manage multiple offers, groups, and a variety of options from a central, easy to use admin.

No Apps for You to Develop.

Let Apple and Google take care of consumer technology. 

By leveraging Apple Passbook and Google Wallet for your mobile wallet marketing campaigns, you’ll save the time and expense of developing and supporting an app by yourself.  You can focus on selling product or filling seats.

Real Time Relationship Tools.

Build your customer relationships in real time.

Push flash sale notifications, new merchandise arrivals or special promotions on a schedule or on the fly.  Manage your iBeacons from the same simple admin.

Broad or Narrow Location Based Targeting.

Use geofencing or iBeacons to message your customers.

Geo-fencing enables you to target customers whether they are near you OR your competition. New beacon technologies offer another layer of micro-targeting and customer specific offer broadcasting.

  • Compared Prices Using Smartphone 30% 30%
  • Users Redeeming Digital Coupons 25% 25%
  • Read Customer Reviews of a Product 19% 19%
  • Access Shopping List 19% 19%

Customers who have used cell phone in past three months while in a store

182 million American consumers have smart phones today.  

Transitioning to a mobile wallet marketing program that uses dynamic broadcasting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.   Standalone apps require large numbers of users to download, install and actually use on a regular basis to justify the high cost of development and support.

Small business owners should NOT build their own apps. 

More than ever, smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to check pricing while in stores, find the specific items they are looking for, and determine what they will buy on impulse via their smartphones and the contextual information being delivered by search engines, review sites, and ad platforms.

As a small business owner, you HAVE to keep up.  Large chains, box stores and your clever competition is already marketing to consumers via their iPhones, Android devices and Windows phones.

Want to know more about iBeacons, Passbook, mobile wallet marketing platforms, and the REALLY SIMPLE ways to implement them?  Then click here.

What Will Mobile Wallet Marketing Do For YOUR Business?

Stay in Contact with Your Customers 24/7

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