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We hosted a webinar last week – Effective Digital Branding and Mobile Wallet Marketing.

Digital Branding in Apple Passbook

The key takeaways from the webinar include:

1.  Increase Engagement. 

If you are not yet able to communicate 24/7 with customers and prospects, directly via their mobile device, you are not communicating effectively or as efficiently as you could be.  With the ability to update these wallet passes, cards, drop-ins (Apple has selected passes but then again they are calling their wallet Passbook, so that’s kind of an easy correlation) on demand and as often as needed, the immense number of logical uses is almost mind-boggling.

2.  Dramatically Improve Conversions. 

Again, the ability to manage your relationship with prospects and existing customers in near real time, yet from afar, greatly exceeds anything that email or SMS or smoke signals or whatever else you’re thinking about can do.  Add in the geofencing and iBeacon elements to this promotion and you can see where the real magic gets going.

3.  Manage Your Groups. 

Yep, yawn, is that what you just did?  Shame on you.  I cannot tell you how many marketers I know (successful ones) who micro-manage their groups based on all sorts of factors – last purchase, LTV brackets, types of purchases, whatever.  The fact that you can give people multiple passes/cards/whatever that will represent something customizable, and possibly critical, well that is huge.  If I were a realtor, I’d make a pass for EVERY SINGLE HOUSE LISTING – and I’d make sure that I put those listings all over the digital, online, interconnected world so that people would download my passes directly from my social media or web listing ads RIGHT SMACK INTO THEIR SMART PHONES.  And then when I sold that house, I’d swap the pass out for a similar house down the street, or maybe just a “hey, it’s me, I’m still here if you’re looking, let’s talk!” pass instead.

4.  Close More; Close More Often.  

If you have not figured it out from what you’ve read so far, this is a pretty simple system.  There are a few ways that passes get into phones – one of the MOST EFFECTIVE and MOST SIMPLE is to link your online ads directly to your passes.  There’s a little give and take here with some analytics, but the sheer number of connections that are basically permanent connections (90% of installed passes remain installed in Passbook) to your target demographic is just such a sheer, giant sized, major deal that you ignore it at your own peril.

5. Simple Step-by-Step System. 

Nope, not rocket science.  Not even close.  Just a really easy admin that takes about 5 minutes to learn and less than that to use to create new collateral or update existing materials.  You don’t need Photoshop – phone screens aren’t that big, so think sparing and simple for your graphics – and you don’t need a copy editor.  Link to landing pages directly from the back of the card using the live links and promote on your own schedule.  

Yep, that’s it, so simple.  So easy.  So efficient.  Hard to believe.  But it’s true.  

Click this Buy Now link and we’ll have you going in no time.

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